UW-Green Bay Social Distancing Bucket List

Check off these #VirtualUWGB experiences

As this unique semester comes to a close, here’s a bucket list for you to make the most of and fully experience alternative delivery.

1.Participate in a virtual programming event from the Office of Student Life. From bingo to crafting, feel a sense of community by working on the same projects or connecting with fellow students through virtual events and hang outs. See all of the Office of Student Life’s virtual programming.

2. Utilize a virtual Library service. The UW-Green Bay libraries are physically closed, but there are many resources for you to utilize online. For National Library Week, staff members shared their favorite resources on the library social media.

3. Color a UW-Green Bay branded coloring sheet. Participate in some spirited, calming fun for all ages by printing and coloring UW-Green Bay-branded coloring sheets.

4. Reach out to a friend or classmate and video chat. Is there someone you miss seeing from your former routine? Reach out and set a time to video chat.

5. Use UW-Green Bay backgrounds on your video calls. Many platforms allow you to have some fun while in video calls. Set your background on your next video call to showcase your favorite spot on campus. Download backgrounds.

6. Attend a virtual UREC class. UW-Green Bay UREC is helping the UW-Green Bay community stay active even in a virtual semester. From Zumba to Yoga, there are plenty of exercises and activities to help keep you moving. See more about UREC classes.

7. Stay connected on social media. Make sure to follow accounts of the programs, colleges, clubs and other areas of campus you are involved with to stay up-to-date. Need help connecting to someone? Check out the UW-Green Bay Directory.

8. Watch the Falcon Camera. The falcon chicks, on top of the Cofrin Library, have officially hatched! Watch them grow with the 24/7 Falcon Cam!

9. Listen to a UW-Green Bay Podcast. There are plenty of UW-Green Bay podcasts being produced, especially since alternative delivery has started. Phoenix Studios is the podcast network for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. It includes the podcasts Serious Fun, All The Rage and Canonball. See all the podcasts Phoenix Studios has to offer.

10. Participate in Virtual Phoenix Friday! Just because we are not on campus for Phoenix Friday doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate it! Show off your Phoenix Pride by wearing green, UW-Green Bay or Phoenix gear on Fridays and share a photo with #uwgbphoenixfriday and the new #virtualphoenixfriday to social media.

How many items have you accomplished? What would you add to the list? Share you virtual experiences and find opportunities to connect with #VirtualUWGB.

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