A look back at my #gbgrad bucket list

Written by UWGB Marketing and University Communication Social Media Assistant, Anna Katner, senior Communication major

When you think of UW-Green Bay and the Green Bay area what memories and locations come to mind? How do you want to remember your Phoenix journey?

This list is a few of the many bucket list items I have crossed off in my time as a Phoenix. These places and memories have helped shape my personal and professional growth as a student at UWGB.

Take a picture with Phlash

R&R was my first official visit to campus as a UW-Green Bay student. I was quick to begin checking off items on my bucket list. Are you even a Phoenix if you don’t have a photo with Phlash?

Get a sweat on with your friends, attend a group fitness class

Staying fit in college is a challenge I was willing to accept. The group fitness classes became essential in helping me to stay healthy. Along with attending Zumba classes weekly, I became a yoga instructor at the Kress Events Center! I established friendships to last a lifetime with fellow participants and had my very own yoga classes.

Be featured on the UWGB home page

Prior to attending UWGB, I dreamt of being featured on the homepage. Fellow Marketing and University Communication interns and I marked this off of the list on Phoenix-Packers Friday.

Get lost in nature while exploring the Arboretum Trails

The Cofrin Arboretum forms 290-acres of beauty surrounding campus. From the first time I saw the campus, I knew the 6 miles of trails would be perfect for homework breaks. The trails host many of my adventures in the past four years including hiking, biking, bird-watching, cross-country skiing and simply getting lost meandering.

Get an internship at the university

Internships are key to building experience as a student and discovering what career directions you are interested in. As the UW-Green Bay
Social Media Intern, I was able to build my resume and portfolio while sharing my passion for the Phoenix lifestyle.

Sit in the student section at a Green Bay Phoenix Athletics event

Green Bay Phoenix Athletics is a Division I athletics program with talented athletes. Phoenix pride fills the student sections at home Phoenix games and matches, you must experience this pride first hand in order to be a true Phoenix.

Visit the Bay at CommUniversity Park

Communiversity Park is perfect for enjoying views year round! I often found myself sun bathing, reading books and having cookouts along the Bay.

Catch a Phoenix Game

Green Bay Phoenix Men’s and Women's Basketball was an important piece of my time at UWGB. I spent three years on the sidelines cheering the teams through multiple Horizon League titles and at NCAA tournaments. Whether you are a part of the game-day production or a fan, you can feel the energy behind the Phoenix family at Green Bay basketball games.

Volunteer your time for a cause that’s important to you

In order to establish a sense of “home” in the Green Bay Area, I aimed to give back to causes important to me and give back to the community.
I spent every Friday morning my Freshman and Sophomore year with the cats and kittens at the Bay Area Humane Society.

Tour the home of UW-Green Bay’s Higher Education Partner… Lambeau Field (Maybe even catch a game!)

Lambeau Field and the Green Bay Packers are a huge part of the Green Bay culture. The Green Bay Packers are even the Higher Education Partners of UW-Green Bay. I love learning about Green Bay history at the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame tour, I also caught many home games in my time as a cheerleader.

April showers bring May flowers… to the Green Bay Botanical Gardens

The Green Bay Botanical Garden is a great place for UWGB students to visit in the summer months and during the Garden of Lights show!

Fonferek Glen County Park

Fonferek Glen was on my list because I had never seen a waterfall before. I quickly learned that it was also a scenic 15 min drive from campus and a beautiful place for a long hike!

Join the student newspaper staff

I discovered my passion for social media management through the Fourth Estate. In my first two years at UWGB, I was part of the promotional staff for the 4e. Being a part of a student organization helps you to stay connected with fellow students.

Reflect at Baird Creek

“You haven’t been to Baird’s?” I accidently stumbled upon Baird Creek on accident, I found it while lost looking for the nearest grocery store my Freshman year. Since, I have shared my love for the trails and creek with more than 20 friends. Baird Creek is a true hidden gem in Green Bay, just around the corner from campus, and itbelongs at the top of a UWGB bucket list.

Attend UWGB Nites every semester

GB Nites makes you feel like a kid again. The program runs once a month with many different interaction opportunities and activities. In order to stay in touch with student life, I aimed to attend at least one each semester.

NEW Zoo and Adventure Park

The NEW Zoo and Adventure Park is another hidden gem in the Green Bay Area that I made sure to make a few trips to. See the animals, feed the giraffes and relieve stress at the park attractions.

Find Lambeau Field from the 8th floor of the Cofrin Library

Theres something magical about making a trip to the 8th floor to look down on the city and the bay. This is a bucket list item to cross off for each season. Enjoy the colorful #gbtrees in the fall, try to find Lambeau field under the white blanket of snow in the winter or admire greenery surrounding campus in the summer months.

I am grateful for all of the experiences and opportunities that my UWGB bucket list afforded me. What were your favorite accomplishments your #gbgrad bucket list? Still have some to check off? There is still two weeks to check them off. Share you #gbgrad bucket list adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #gbgrad.

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