10 Tips for Learning Remotely

Compiled by: Shelby Smith (Senior, Communication), Social Media Assistant, Marketing and University Communication

3 min readMar 16, 2020


Due to COVID-19, UW-Green Bay classes have moved to alternative delivery. Change can be hard, especially in stressful times. Here are some tips and tricks to staying motivated and productive for the duration of your alternative learning schedule!

  1. Maintain Regular Hours — Although you will most likely be off campus, it is helpful to keep the same schedule as you would on campus. Work on homework and assignments when you would originally be in class or studying, if possible. Having clear guidelines for when to focus on work and when to call it a day can help maintain a good work-life balance.
  2. Work when you’re most productive —That being said… Be flexible to accommodate your strengths. Are you a morning person? Wake up early and finish that to-do list. Love late nights? Skip that dreaded 8 a.m. wake up time and sleep in! With all online coursework, find the schedule that works best for you.
  3. Schedule Breaks — Take a break from time to time and enjoy your time away! Go for a walk, read a fun book or watch a movie to break up your assignments and school work.
  4. Keep a Dedicated Work Space — To get yourself into the school work mindset, make a comfortable, designated work space to help you focus. Make sure your social media and any other distractions are way from you.
  5. Stay in touch with Friends — We are all in the same boat! Facetime, text or call your friends and see how they are doing with their online classes. Host a virtual group study session to make sure you’re prepared for when your classes return.
  6. Connect with instructors — Know how your instructor plans to communicate and utilize that method to stay informed and connected. Check your campus email and Canvas regularly.
  7. Maintain contact with important support services on campus — Campus resources such as The Learning Center, Information Technology Help Desk, Pride Center, Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs, Counseling & Health Services, Advising, Disability Services, Financial Aid and the Cofrin Library remain available to you! Continue to utilize the resources you need!
  8. Hold yourself accountable — Set goals for yourself at the beginning of the week, and check in with yourself daily. Make sure you allot enough time to compete your assignments before they are due. Make rewards for yourself, once all your tasks are done for the week, the Netflix binge can begin!
  9. Take Notes — Write down important points, just like you would in a traditional classroom setting. Just like in a traditional class, taking notes from the PowerPoints or videos will make it easier to remember the important pieces of information that you will need to retain.
  10. Stay Health — Take regular breaks, eat healthy meals, remain active and get plenty of sleep.

Find more resources on learning from home and COVID-19 and the effects on UW-Green Bay: www.uwgb.edu/coronavirus




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